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Strong As Steel, FlexibleAs Rubber

Superelastic NiTinol Offers You Excellent Flexibility and Strength

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Thermomechanical Heat Treatment
The heat treatment of NiTinol materials both improves the mechanical properties of the materials and gives the material the desired shape. In addition, the transformation temperatures of NiTinol materials can be changed with heat treatments and can adapt to the area where it will be used.
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The shape of NiTinol materials can be changed with their unique properties and applied heat treatments. . With its technical and academic experience, Aksöz Arge can create heat treatment recipes that are suitable for your demands and working conditions. In this way, one and two-way shape memory training can be given.
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Laser Welding
 Thanks to its technical infrastructure and academic experience, Aksöz Arge can realize the sources of NiTinol materials in an inert manner in atmosphere-controlled chambers.
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Thanks to the rolling device it has added to Aksöz R&D Research Center, it can provide benefits to its customers for hot and cold rolling processes. With its experience and experience, it can provide you with high product quality. There are flat and calibrated rollers in the rolling device within the organization, and the desired properties and deformation rates can be achieved thanks to the rolling speed adjustment.
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Sample Analysis
Aksöz Arge is able to analyze samples with the universities it cooperates with by using high-tech analysis devices, thus helping to determine the parameters of the materials to be used. It also determines the mechanical and chemical properties of your samples with the right method and delivers them to you.
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We are happy to share this information with you and provide consultancy services with the pride of being the first and only institution working in Turkey about NiTinol, which we research, develop and produce locally. We serve you in every subject with our engineers and academicians who have technical competence.




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