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About us

 Aksöz R&D, which started its operations in 2020, has been entitled to benefit from the TUBITAK BIGG support program and is a TUBITAK-supported company. Firm LTD. STI. was established as a single partner company. As the infrastructure of the company, the founder and manager of the company, Assoc. Sinan Aksöz has conducted academic studies on the shape memory effect and production of NiTinol materials since 2010. As a result of these studies, the foundations of the company were laid.

      Currently, Aksöz Arge has a team of one materials engineer (master's education continuing - white collar), one mechanical engineer (PhD-as a researcher) and two Metallurgical and Materials Engineers (Prof. is located within.

      First of all, the company has realized its initiatives based on the production, development and introduction of NiTinol alloys locally and nationally in Turkey. Thanks to its academic culture and commercial partnerships, the company has started to develop innovative products in its field.

Pamukkale University, as the place of establishment, is a research and development institution within the body of Pamukkale Technopolis. Thanks to its location and associations, it is located in a commercial and academic center. Defense industry, aviation, medicine and space technology are important in the national moves we have given as a country.

      Thanks to its superior and characteristic features, NiTinol material can appeal to many sectors and areas at once. It has taken its place in the material groups used in daily life, thanks to the fact that it contains more than one feature from a single material (One Way Shape Memory Effect, Bidirectional Shape Memory Effect, Bio-Compatibility, High Corrosion Feature, Good Damping Effect….). As AKSÖZ R&D, thanks to the importance we give to domestic and national productions, it has made the superior NiTinol material a product produced and developed in Turkey.  

Our Vision

Realizing Domestic and National Production in the Field of Shape Memory Wires and Products in the short term,

On a global scale; Innovative, guiding and preferred, to be a leader in target products and markets.

Our Mission

To provide NiTinol equipment needed by Turkey and the world, thanks to its Researcher, Contemporary and innovative approaches. With its knowledge and equipment, it is to develop commercial and scientific NiTinol products, to apply original production and management systems, to offer quality product and customer-oriented benefits that can address the needs of Turkey and the world. Thanks to the projects it has produced and developed, it works in coordination with industry and academia. On a global scale; Innovative, guiding and preferred, to be a leader in target products and markets.

Our Team

Sinan Aksöz

Associate Professor. Sinan Aksoz
Company Manager

Rıdvan Arslan
R&D Engineer

Ahmet Semih Kisla
R&D Engineer


As Aksöz Arge Engineering, we would like to thank Kellogg's Research Labs team and company owner Joseph Kellogg for their contributions.

Our Team
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