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  • Nickel-Titanium alloys are intermetallic compounds in which nickel and titanium elements are combined in equal or almost equal atomic ratios.
  • It is popularly known as "metal with memory".
  • Although it has a very hard structure at high temperatures, the increase in flexibility as the temperature decreases is an important feature that makes the alloy special. The reason for this is that the atoms in NiTi are different in hot and cold environments.
  • NiTiNOL shape memory wires gain shape memory effect by applying shape reminder process at high temperatures.   While NiTiNOL is in the martensite phase, known as the low temperature phase,  Its shape is easily deformed.
  • By applying heat to the material while it is in the martensite phase.   It is ensured that it reaches the austenite phase, which is known as the high temperature phase. The NiTiNOL material, which reaches the austenite temperature, can take its initial reminded shape by itself.
  • AF (Austenite Finishing temperature) in the product features represents the temperature required for the material to regain its reminded shape.

NiTinol Round Section Wire

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